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Intelligence is better when used creatively. We excel at Creative Intelligence.

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we excel at
Creative Intelligence

Intelligence is better when used creatively.

What We Do

We believe that to be effective as an agency today, the flow between data intelligence, strategic input and creative solutions must be seamless. That’s why we make sure a full spectrum of research and analytics, strategy and creative leaders are all part of the team.

Our Creative Intelligence team is full of hybrids – analysts, strategic planners, social strategists and content creators who partner with our business leaders and clients to create communications that leave a mark. We have all the functional expertise you would expect from a leading public relations firm. But where we really excel is in the area of identifying today’s influencers and the influential moments that keep our clients’ brands on the lips of culture.


See how DeVries can put these services to work for you

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Media Relations

The necessary and enviable relationships and storytelling capability that get brands in front of the world

Social Strategy & Content

Social media strategy and activation is critical in PR today and so are the experts who live and breathe social

Influencer Strategy & Selection

A data-driven approach to influencer selection based on performance in Fascination, Following & Fireworks

Measurement Systems

Bespoke measurement solutions that ensure brands garner insights they need to make an impact

Brand Strategy

A path for a communication narrative that can make more than just an impression

Marketing to Women

With over 30 years marketing to women, it is in our DNA


Dynamic branded experiences that bring Brand Imprints to life in meaningful and memorable ways

Marketing to the Next Generation

Next is now. We know how to connect with those who will determine the long-term future of brands