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Shifting Brand Perception Among a New Audience

The Challenge

With the smartphone and wearables category quickly growing, Samsung wanted to shift its perception from the brand for the ‘tech-obsessed’ to the season’s smartest, must-have fashion accessory.

Our Approach

The “Forces of Fashion” global campaign platform brought influencers together to create a fashion-forward seasonal “Lookbook” featuring Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphones and smartwatch.  The high-concept fashion campaign was shot by a world-class photographer and launched during Fashion Month. Thanks to a range of fashion-forward activities, Samsung generated photo-worthy moments and direct contact with fashion media.​

When you think of tech, you think of Game Boys, smartphones, maybe even a robot—but fashion, well, that isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind.
2500 M
75 %
of Lookbook coverage consisting of feature stories with deep-seated messaging

The Results

Samsung successfully started a fresh conversation about fashion and technology that broke through to fashion editors and inspired our fashion savvy target consumer. By designing fashion lookbooks and staging runway shows, we successfully translated “tech talk” to “style speak” and positioned Samsung devices as the non-traditional accessory for the fashion community. All told, the campaign generated hundreds of message-driven articles and nearly 2.5 billion impressions with 75% of lookbook coverage consisting of feature stories with deep-seated messaging.