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The Loop Vol. 1 No. 41
Featuring Singles Day and Wild Turkey!



singles day

Saving some space for Thanksgiving dinner, we kick off this week's ‘Mini Loop' with Singles Day. It may sound like the saddest event in the calendar, but that's simply not true! Originally billed as the ‘anti-Valentine's Day', the celebration has been grown by e-commerce giant Alibaba from humble beginnings as a student event in the 90s to the world's largest shopping event (Sorry ‘bout it, Black Friday and Cyber Monday). The day is given an extra layer of glamour and extravagance as it is supported by a live shopping festival experience that feels like the shopping equivalent of the SuperBowl. Nicole Kidman and Maria Sharapova on hosting duties with Pharrell and Jessie J providing the ‘half-time show'. The brand managed to shift over $23.3 billion worth of goods. Not so sad after all. Well, not for Alibaba anyway! #TreatYoself SEE IT HERE >





Retail/shopping website Racked is a style guide with a staff of 27. They receive countless press samples from PRs in the hope that they'll secure coverage. For 6 months, they logged what they received and the numbers are startling – particularly considering they aren't one of the biggest publications. 2,979 products, gifts and event tickets received, to a value of over $95,000. How many of these items did they cover, or plan to cover? 96. That's 3% of the goods. Given the recent story about a woman receiving 45 feet of paper packaging for one calendar on Amazon, it's time for PRs and brands to think best about how they deliver product information and bring their product to life for journalists – be that virtually, at events or through partnerships. SEE IT HERE >




wild turkey

A bit of a weird, a bit of a win. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there’s the only man we need: Matthew McConaughey the frozen turkey fairy. He partnered with Wild Turkey bourbon distillery and 250 volunteers to deliver over 4,500 frozen turkeys to families in the local area around the distillery. This stunt is part of Wild Turkey’s new campaign ‘Wild Turkey Gives Back’, which has been spearheaded by McConaughey as the brand’s new creative director. We’re sure that was a long and tough creative session to come up with turkeys from turkey. With his penchant for weird antics, the campaign was anything but a turkey, with coverage in the likes of Vogue, EOnline and Mashable.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all – see you next week with your regular sized portion of The Loop. SEE IT HERE >